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  • Laurie Brotherstone
    I always gravitated to work that involved helping people and becoming a psychologist enabled me in train professionally in a field so I knew what I was doing was evidence based and could really help to change people's lives and help. Why we act, feel, and think the way we do and how different that can be from other people around us fascinated me. Helping people understand themselves and others can reduce the conflict and stress in our lives and help people move towards the things that are important to them....
  • Geraldine Richards
    I had some difficulties in my own life and found that when i understood more about how people work as well as who i was myself, i was much happier. I wanted to support people get the most out of life....
  • Bronwyn Hill
    Through my own personal journey I have found psychotherapy to be the most powerful change agent! Psychotherapy has within it the ability to transform our lives and support us to develop deep awareness of our selves. In our current world there is little time or space to be with ourselves. We have a culture that requires alot. Working long hours, family demands, cultural expectations can disconnect us from ourselves. Psychotherapy is a way to reconnect and check in that your life is moving in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful....
  • Bhakti De Bon
    Many other forms of support are only accessible if the client defines themselves through their problems, ie support for people with a diagnosed Mental Illness, Homelessness, Family Violence, etc. Counselling and Psychotherapy offers clients the opportunity to define themselves by their capacity for growth and change which I find by far a more attractive Framework....
  • Christine Vickers
    I was curious to learn more about myself, and through this became interested in working in this field....
  • Volker Krohn
    In my 20s I embarked on a journey of trying to find my ‘Self’. Having grown up in a good upper middle class family in Germany, I could not find any life satisfaction from participating in the consumer ‘economic miracle’ of post -war Germany. So I left, as many other young people also did at this time, to find ‘enlightenment’, by travelling through India, participating in meditation retreats and listening to wise Indian men, who basically told me that I was a ‘Buddha’ already, that my “suffering was bogus” and...
  • Matthew Evans
    I wanted to make a contribution to people’s health, happiness and wellbeing. I had a longstanding personal interest in the field of psychology and it seemed a natural step to turn it into my profession. ...
  • Christopher Basten
    I have always had an interest in the human condition - what it means to think and feel. This extended to wanting to understand why some people think and feel differently ina way that causes them pain....
  • Adam Szmerling
    I have never been able to think of any profession more interesting than dynamic psychotherapy, where we encounter the unconscious every day. Not that other professions or relationships are without transferences or an unconscious, but psychotherapy contains an intentional interest into the unconscious. In a sense, people pay you to interpret their unconscious. And, I have never worked with someone and not learned something new, and for this reason I would never choose another profession....
  • Michelle McGee
    I often get asked this question and it's a difficult one to answer. I have always felt that the profession chose me rather than the other way round. I didn't grow up thinking that I wanted to be a psychologist but here's where life lead me....
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