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Mr Steve White

Mr Steve White

Mobile 0402 090 503
Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Mobile 0402 090 503

Within a gentle, respectful and relational frame, Steve’s special interest is in assisting his clients to make sense of their problematic, painful and often recurring patterns of personal difficulty. Discovery and recognition of unconsciously held beliefs, attitudes, conflicts and feelings will mostly lead to an alleviation in symptoms of anxiety and depression. In turn this may have a positive effect on relationships generally. Steve is a confident, mature and insightful counsellor.


  • 485 Sheffield Rd North, Montrose, Melbourne VIC 3765 0402 090 503 PHONE 0402 090 503


  • Counselling, Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, Phone Consultations 
  • Areas of Special Interest

  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks, Depression, Grief / Bereavement, Guilt Feelings, Intimacy Issues, Relationship Issues, Suicidal Feelings  
  • MODALITIES / Approach

    Dream Work, Freudian, Jungian, Marriage and Family, Mindfulness, Object Relations, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic


    • Pastoral Psychotherarapy - 1999 - Hofbauer Centre
    • Specialist course in Couples Therapy (Certificate) - 2007 - Relationships Australia
    • Critical Incident Debriefing (Certificate) - 2006 - CISMFA

    Professional Associations

    • Australian Counselling Association

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    10 Questions with Steve White

    • What led you to choose psychotherapy or counselling as a profession?

    • I decided on a career as a Psychotherapist & Counsellor as a result of a very successful and fruitful period of personal therapy, following a deep depression.
    • Which philosophical approaches have influenced your professional/personal development?

    • The work of Freud, Jung, Winnicott and many others with an interest in understanding the mysteries of unconscious processes.
      I have also practiced meditation for 35 years. This practice was initially taught to me by an eastern spiritual teacher.
    • Which particular aspects of health or the human journey are you interested in?

    • I have a particular interest in the "lifting" of repression, which seems to be the cause of so very much suffering in the form of depression, anxiety and their myriad symptoms.
    • What method/s do you use?

    • Face to face conversation.
    • When do you think the client will start to feel that progress is being made?

    • People have often commented on how they feel they are getting somewhere within the first handful of sessions.. I seem to be able to assist most people, although there have been exceptions...
    • How has therapy made you a better person?

    • It's scary for me to imagine my life if I hadn't done the therapy I have. I am undoubtedly more relaxed, sleep well and am less reactive (oversensitive).
    • What do you like most about being a therapist?

    • It is enormously gratifying to have formerly, chronically depressed and anxious people gradually recover and to hear of their relationships improving too!
    • Do you ever have 'bad hair' days?

    • Due to being quite bald this is every day!
      Yes, like everyone I have my ups and downs.
    • What do you think is the most significant problem we face, in the world today?

    • Apart from global warming and environmental degradation the two things that worry me are 1. the increasing systematic placement of very young children into child care and 2. The "financialisation" of our world where the bottom line (and bean counters) rule. Managerialism seems to be an expression of this dehumanising trend.
    • Can you share the name of a book, film, song, event or work of art that inspires you?

    • "Love Actually "(Film)
      "Learning from the patient" (book) Patrick Casement
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    Mr Steve White

    Steve White

    Psychotherapist, Counsellor

    After spending 8 years working with severely mentally ill clients in a Community Health setting, Steve devoted himself full time to consulting with private clients in Psychotherapy, Counselling and Couples work. He has also worked in the area of Critical Incident and Debriefing for many years.
    Steve’s work is largely informed by the tradition of the British (Tavistock) School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy....

    • Montrose
    • Dream Work, Freudian, Jungian, Marriage and Family, Mindfulness, Object Relations, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic