About Good Therapy

The Good Therapy Psychotherapy Practitioner Directory was founded in 2003 when a student of psychotherapy could not find an online platform that enabled Australians to search for a suitable therapist. The benefits of such a resource were compelling enough to spur her into action. The first step was to create an accessible Directory where Australians could select from a range of search criteria and browse the profiles of accredited counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists.

Launched in September 2004, Good Therapy's website (goodtherapy.com.au), was met with enthusiastic support from health practitioners and the wider community. 
In 2005, Good Therapy Australia became a not-for-profit organisation and registered health promotion charity. Today, Good Therapy Australia continues to move forward - albeit slowly and one small step at a time. 

We are grateful to all who, in the spirit of collaboration and compassion, help to make "good" therapy an evolving reality.


Che McLeod, Director

Ross Bennett, Director & IT Support

Daniel Bryan, Director & IT Support

David Bryan, Director & Senior Advisor

Tim, GK and Darshana - Development Team

Rachel Walker - Design Team


Pieter du Plessis - Creator of Good Therapy's logo


Practitioner registrations and contributions make this community resource possible, and are thus greatly appreciated.

Accredited psychotherapists and counsellors working in private practice in Australia are invited to list their profile in Good Therapy's Practitioner Directory.