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Dr Jonathan Tandos

Dr Jonathan Tandos

Mobile 0423 157 009
Clinical Psychologist, Transpersonal Therapist

Carlton Psychology Services

Mobile 0423 157 009

I look for the uniqueness and potential in clients. I seek not only to help people resolve their current difficulties, but to equip them for the challenges ahead, empower them to more fully experience their lives, and help them discover their own truth. Therapy can not only help alleviate suffering, lead to growth and change, and promote self-acceptance, but can also be an enlivening and great learning experience for client and therapist alike.


  • Carlton Psychology Services, 155 Drummond Street, Carlton, VIC 3053 (03) 9343 6368 PHONE (03) 9343 6368


  • Counselling, Psychotherapy, Assessment 
  • I work in Carlton, close to the Melbourne CBD. Clients can be referred to me by any GP for Medicare service; private health rebates are also available. I can provide individual assessments and reports for private use, including gender assessments with a view to commencement of hormones for gender transition, as well as specialist clinical and hypnosis interventions as required in the context of individual therapy.

    Areas of Special Interest

  • Alcohol / Drug Dependency, Anxiety / Panic Attacks, Assertiveness, Burnout, Depression, Dreams, Gay and Lesbian Issues, Gender and Sexuality, Grief / Bereavement, Life Transitions, Men's Issues, Relationship Issues, Spirituality / Religion, Sports Psychology, Stress Management, Trauma Recovery  
  • MODALITIES / Approach

    ACT, Dream Work, Ericksonian, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Jungian, Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic, Transpersonal

    I offer a sensitive, compassionate and flexible approach, and try to help clients through practical, experiential, and reflective processes of healing and change. ACT, mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy and hypnosis are my main therapeutic modalities, but I also use Gestalt, schema therapy and other approaches as appropriate. I strive to help clients develop purpose and meaning in their lives through exploring their values, personality, creativity and passions. With assessment including gender assessment, I seek to get to know and connect with the client as well as using more formal assessment approaches in order to best understand them.


    • Bachelor of Behavioral Science with Honours - 2000
    • Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) - 2005
    • Masters in Clinical Psychology - 2005

    Professional Associations

    • Australian Psychological Society
    • Australian Society of Hypnosis

    Quality Provision

    I engage in regular individual and group supervision in ACT, hypnosis, gender assessment, and GLBTIQ specialist work, as well as professional development in various schools of therapy, including ACT, mindfulness, hypnosis, and psychoanalytically oriented groups.

    I have received supervision from psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and counsellors, and have experience as a cotherapist as well as an individual therapist. I have been involved in training postgraduate students in ACT


    I have worked as a Clinical Psychologist in public and private settings in both Australia and the UK. In England I worked with complex families, children, adolescents and adults. In Australia I've worked in psychology clinics, in residential rehabilitation with chronically mentally ill clients, and I currently work with adult clients in private practice. I also have a background in clinical research with adults and children.


    I work Tuesdays to Fridays at my Carlton rooms. Some after hours sessions available.

    Transport and Parking

    Marked free one hour parking and paid two hour parking near the Carlton rooms. Nearby bus, train and tram links available.


    $175 per session fee with some variability, resulting in out of pocket fee of around $50 after Clinical Psychologist Medicare rebate. Negotiable gap fee for students or low income earners, and bulk billing in certain cases. Private health rebates.

    Payment Options

    Cash, cheque, EFT or credit payments available. Medicare rebate can be processed on site for client convenience.

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    10 Questions with Jonathan Tandos

    • What led you to choose psychotherapy or counselling as a profession?

    • Most of my life people have been coming to me to share their stories and issues. In my first experience as a client in counselling I felt very inspired and began to consider whether I wanted to be a therapist myself. When I first started studying psychology it fit me, which was in stark contrast to what I'd studied before. It feels like its genuinely me, and I am very grateful for that.
    • Which philosophical approaches have influenced your professional/personal development?

    • The history and philosophy of science, ethics, democracy, Behaviourism (BT, CBT, ACT/RFT, DBT, FAP, MBCT, MBSR, CPT, PE, schema therapy), social psychology including social cognition, expectancy confirmation/confirmatory hypothesis testing (self-fulfilling prophecies), self-verification, developmental psychology (Piaget, Bowlby, Erikson, nature versus nurture, theory of mind and the Autism spectrum), Rogers and unconditional positive regard, Socratic dialogue, psychoanalysis (Freudian, Jungian, Object Relations, Winnicott) and psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, dreamwork, trauma release therapy, cellular memory and cellular/emotion release therapy, neuroscience, psychiatry, Buddhism and mindfulness, Hinduism/Vedic philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, the chakras, different forms of meditation and yoga, transpersonal psychology including holotropic breath work and spiritual emergency, bodywork therapies (e.g., Radix, Hakomi), EFT/TFT, shamanism, epigenetics, parapsychology, synchronicity, past lives and the ISIS method, rebirthing, personality theory and Myers-Briggs/Jungian typology, The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), attachment theory, compassion focused approaches to therapy (CFT), hypnosis (Ericksonian and other approaches) and altered states of consciousness, kinesiology, reiki, natural medicine/naturopathy, anatomy and neuroanatomy, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, exercise physiology and The Gabriel Method, mBraining/mBIT, Gestalt, the Oneness movement, the Hearing Voices movement, music therapy, objectivism/subjectivism in art and art therapy, astrology, mythology and storytelling, living with heart and following one's heart, instinct, intuition, prayer.
    • Which particular aspects of health or the human journey are you interested in?

    • I am interested in the health of the whole human being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I believe that depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and difficulties in childhood are not merely conditions that require treatment, but represent important Iife transitions, rites of passage, crises or dilemmas that can lead to profound growth and change. Suffering is an inevitable part of the universal human condition but can be transformed through compassion and love.
    • What method/s do you use?

    • I chiefly use ACT and mindfulness, hypnosis, and psychodynamic psychotherapy, but also use aspects of CBT, schema therapy, attachment and compassion based approaches, and Gestalt therapy. I also find myself sharing stories, anecdotes, and referring to various aspects of culture with my clients. And I don't mind clients knowing I'm also human and fallible.
    • When do you think the client will start to feel that progress is being made?

    • This varies a great deal, but I think clients begin to feel progress when they form a collaborative and trusting relationship with the therapist in which they feel understood and accepted. And for most people progress is also realised when they start to suffer less and start moving more towards the life they value.
    • How has therapy made you a better person?

    • I feel like I have grown and changed a great deal through both the therapy I have received and that I now deliver. Each of my clients is a teacher to me. Through therapy I have become more patient, understanding, compassionate, and self-accepting of my shortcomings. It is sometimes hard to balance listening and behavioural, goal focused work but it is important that I continue to try.
    • What do you like most about being a therapist?

    • I like the individual relationships I form with clients, hearing people's stories, interacting with colleagues and learning about all the different ways to be a good therapist. A good day's work as a therapist can be very satisfying, even with the challenges.
    • Do you ever have 'bad hair' days?

    • Of course! Life affects us all, and I am sometimes tired, a bit distracted, or in a mood that makes therapy a bit harder to do (mindfulness has been very helpful here!). I make mistakes, confront difficult aspects of my personality, and am frustrated by my limitations. But I remind myself that being a good therapist and doing my best is very important to me, which helps me carry on.
    • What do you think is the most significant problem we face, in the world today?

    • I think a lack of compassion for ourselves and others underlies many of the problems in the world today. Materialism, competitiveness and lack of community have driven us from loving, sharing and other important human values.
    • Can you share the name of a book, film, song, event or work of art that inspires you?

    • There are so many! But what immediately comes to mind is Paulo Coehlo's The Alchemist which both inspires and comforts me. I like the song "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders. The Emma Thompson film Wit is beautiful and inspiring.
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    Dr Jonathan Tandos

    Jonathan Tandos

    Clinical Psychologist, Transpersonal Therapist

    I am a sensitive, flexible and experienced therapist. I consult with adults with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief and loss, trauma, burnout, drug and alcohol problems, crises, introversion/high sensitivity, and for weight loss. I maintain specialisations in hypnosis, GLBTIQ health including gender assessment and HIV health, transpersonal/spiritual work, cross cultural work, and work with artists. All clients are treated with respect and compassion for their unique circumstances....

    • Carlton
    • ACT, Dream Work, Ericksonian, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Jungian, Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic, Transpersonal