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Christine Vickers

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist

Lockwood VIC, Bendigo VIC, Northcote VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I am a couple therapist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist. I work with individuals, couples children and groups. During thirty years practice I have worked in the health field (obstetrics and paediatrics) and as a child and family counsellor in a federally funded relationhip counselling organisation. I am a member of the Victorian Association of

Robin Wilkinson

Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist

Fitzroy North VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I am a couples and relationship therapist who specialises in how we are 'wired' for relationships - through attachment and nervous system regulation, as well as working to improve boundaries, communication and intimacy. I work with couples to resolve conflict and grievances, repair trust, and rediscover mutual connection when the spark is gone.

Hagai Avisar

Psychologist, Relationship Therapist

Port Melbourne VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Relationship counselling and workshops for personal growth and healthy relationships.

Andrew Macdonald

Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Melbourne VIC

Online Therapy Australia-wide

I work with individuals and couples and bring a practical and understanding approach to talking about the things that often feel awkward or uncomfortable to say out loud. You might be looking to improve your relationships, gain insights into behaviours that aren't helping you or better manage anxiety.

Loretta Bell

Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Therapist

Prahran VIC, East Melbourne VIC

In Person + Telehealth

My background is as a clinical and counselling psychologist and I have around two decades of counselling experience. Over the years I have worked in various community settings as well as in private practice, counselling couples, individuals and groups.

Ronit Bichler

Somatic Psychotherapist

Richmond VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Bringing understanding into what makes us the way we are in all areas of relationship with family, friends and at work - in order to open up choices and foster change....

Rosie Burgess

Relationship Therapist, Counsellor

Murrumbeena VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Hi, I'm Rosie. My focus is on relationships and helping people navigate the challenges and complexities of connection. I've worked for many years with families, couples, and individuals from many walks of life and welcome you to make contact with me.

Nancy Carbone

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist

Melbourne VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Nancy Carbone assists individuals and couples to overcome areas of stuckness, so that they can move forward with life. By overcoming repetitive patterns and emotional blind spots, the individual can be free to be their real self and relate in a more attuned way to others. Nancy works at getting the human roadblocks out of the way, so individuals

Julian Cerreto

Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Carlton VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I have eight years experience helping people struggling with relationships, sex, and identity, recovering from trauma or loss, dealing with mental health issues, anger, emptiness, problematic behaviours, failure and self-sabotage, or overwhelmed by existential concerns.

Anthony Cichello

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor


In Person + Telehealth

Clients will be treated with the utmost care and respect within a safe and confidential process. Change IS always possible; I will listen to you and also assist you to reduce your distress and improve your life functioning with the skills, and in the manner, which you desire. I believe in providing the very best known treatment methods - those...

Marcus Dally-Law

Relationship Therapist, Counsellor

Craigieburn VIC, Brunswick VIC, Strathmore VIC

In Person Consultations

The ability of people to find positive outcomes, even in the midst of emotional or material difficulties, is breath-taking. As a registered counsellor working in private practice, my role is to journey with you, offering differing perspectives and models which will aid you in finding your own way forward.

John Devling

Psychotherapist, Psychodramatist

Richmond VIC, Christmas Hills VIC

In Person Consultations

I live in peaceful bushland, love the outdoors, the arts, music. I bicycle for exercise weekly. I really enjoy working with people, even after 40 years or so. I am vital, aware, healthy, a supportive and challenging therapist. Since 2002, I have made more than fifteen trips to China, taking my specialty approach, Psychodrama, into their world.

Karin Du Plessis

Relationship Therapist

Ascot Vale VIC

In Person + Telehealth

We all struggle from time to time, particularly in our relationships for which there is no manual. You may have tried many times to make changes and nothing has stuck, leaving you frustrated, numb, overwhelmed and feeling hopeless. If you are reading this, and there's a part of you that wants to save your relationship, please call for a chat.

Lucianne Grixti

Psychologist, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Caulfield North VIC, Williamstown VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I am committed to working collaboratively with patients towards establishing a greater connection, insight and understanding into one's internal emotional world, with the aim of emotional growth and development. Working through emotional barriers allows for new ways of relating to oneself and others and opens the doors to new life possibilities.

Rob Grundy

Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Abbotsford VIC

Online Therapy Australia-wide

Hi, I'm Rob. I'm originally from the UK and have been living in Melbourne for 5 years. I have 10 years of professional experience, and couple my work as a counsellor with part-time work as a languages teacher. My work as a teacher also means I recognise and understand the challenges young people face in today's increasingly digitally-centred

Christina Kioulafas

Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist

South Melbourne VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Feeling stressed and burnt out carrying all the emotional burden for your family? As a mother and partner I know it can feel like we carry all the responsibility of the family. How can we help our loved ones when we are so burnt out? I love working with women, children, teenagers and partners, to re-connect and address serious issues in the family.

Shaun McMahon

Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist

Moonee Ponds VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Shaun is a warm, caring and dedicated therapist who works with both individuals and couples. While he caters to a wide range of concerns, he has a special interest in helping couples to overcome relationship challenges, as well as working with trauma and borderline personality disorder.

Paul Reid

Psychotherapist, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Carlton VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Through the psychoanalytic process, I can help you to find a way to work through the difficulties that you maybe experiencing. This can allow you to come to a new understanding of your difficulties and to find new ways of experiencing your life and relationships.

Naomi Rubinstein

Counsellor, Relationship Therapist

Mullumbimby NSW, Malvern VIC, Brunswick Heads NSW

In Person + Online Therapy Australia-wide

Naomi addresses a wide range of issues including stress, anxiety, communication, LGBTQI+ related concerns, family dynamics, parenting challenges, grief, loss, and general relationship difficulties. Her ability to work with clients from diverse backgrounds, ages, and stages in life underscores her adaptability and inclusivity as a therapist.

Gabriel Rusu


Melbourne VIC, Endeavour Hills VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I am a Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and EMDR practitioner. I have been working in a variety of client oriented roles for more than 20 years, including in counselling private practice since 2010. I enjoy my work in helping people. My clients are from all walks of life, including children, adolescents, adults and couples, and I welcome

Max Rutherford

Counselling Psychologist, Existential Psychotherapist

Macleod VIC, North Melbourne VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Therapy is an intimate experience which typically occurs during periods of great vulnerability. I value a solid collaborative relationship and an approach which involves deep listening. All aspects of therapy are negotiated and discussed to ensure that we remain on track. I have 25 years clinical experience.

Deborah Schou

Social Worker AMHSW, Relationship Therapist

Elwood VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Compassion and respect for my clients perhaps best summarises my approach. My role as counsellor is to facilitate a gentle exploration of a person's life and the challenges they face - from their sense of self to their relationships with others - significant others, friends, and colleagues.

Murray Sibbison

Counsellor, Addictions Counsellor

Newport VIC, Oakleigh VIC

In Person + Online Therapy Australia-wide

Hi. I'm an Addiction Specialist, who offers Specialised Counselling, General Counselling and Christian Counselling. I have over nine years' professional experience in the Alcohol & Other Drug sector, and seven years experience as a counsellor, including six years living and working in a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre.

Gabby Skelsey

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Caulfield VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I work together with people to explore aspects of their life and their feelings, and learn new ways of overcoming personal difficulties. I have 30 years experience supporting people with mental health and emotional wellbeing issues. I am an EMDR trained therapist for work with trauma and PTSD.

Lauren Sokolski

Social Worker AMHSW, Counsellor

Bentleigh VIC, Caulfield North VIC

In Person + Telehealth

My approach is holistic which means that I take into account the whole of you - the way you think, how you feel, your dreams, values, beliefs, the impact of family issues on you, job stresses, cultural background, migration experience, health issues and anything else which might be significant. My clients tell me they appreciate my gentle yet

Melis Topsahin

Family Therapist, Counsellor

Newport VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I am a practicing therapist and adopt ideas around individualism. Being a firm believer in incorporating both empathy and compassion across all forms of therapy, I predominantly work in the areas of anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, addiction(s) and couples counselling.