Melbourne Somatic Psychotherapy

Anugrah Bhagwat

Psychologist, Art Therapist

Box Hill VIC

In Person + Telehealth

As a compassionate, warm, integrative, client-centred psychologist, I am interested in what you have to say. I tailor therapy to your needs, goals and personality. I do this in safe, non-threatening and creative ways. I will walk beside you equipping you with the tools needed to live and create the life you want.

Ronit Bichler

Somatic Psychotherapist

Richmond VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Bringing understanding into what makes us the way we are in all areas of relationship with family, friends and at work - in order to open up choices and foster change....

Tracy Clark

Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Korrumburra/Leongatha VIC, Eltham VIC

In Person + Online Therapy Austalia-wide

I am an established Process oriented psychotherapist and counsellor who will give you the opportunity to openly discuss any life, personal or relationship issue that has been repeating in your life or thoughts. I have a general nursing background and provide a safe, empathetic and non judgemental environment to create a positive change.

Kate Culy

Counsellor, Coach

Eltham VIC

In Person + Online Therapy

Hi, I'm Kate. I want to acknowledge that I'm not sitting in a lofty tower. I've been in tricky spaces, and counselling has been essential to my healing. I welcome people of any culture, religion, ability, sexuality and gender. I am here to provide a safe, supportive, and confidential space for you to explore what is troubling you.

Sudhir Dean

Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor

Northcote VIC

In Person + Online Therapy Australia-wide

My counselling sessions are a place in which to connect, feel safe, and unwrap whatever is hiding at the core of your dilemma. Counselling can help to reignite the strength, creativity and wisdom that we forget when we are overloaded with stressors. A counselling session can lead to clarity and self-acceptance in unexpected and healing ways.

Michael Dods

Clinical Psychologist, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

North Fitzroy VIC, Prahran VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I became a clinical psychologist after 10 years working as a Myotherapist in elite sport and with complex clients presenting with persistent pain. I have worked multiple jobs including government, hospitality and mining, bringing some life experience and perspective to the work. My research was in men's health and in ecopsychology.

Jeannene Eastaway

Relationship Therapist, Clinical Supervisor

Greensborough VIC

In Person + Telehealth

My journey as a counsellor started at the age of 19, and now over 30 years later I have thousands of hours of counselling and many varied qualifications to suit. I like working with people; I like people, and thought I could help and still do. What began was a journey of self and other' discovery, learning and teaching emotional intelligence and

Laura Emilia Escudero

Holistic Counsellor, Somatic Psychotherapist

Melbourne VIC

In Person + Online Therapy Austalia-wide

Laura is a somatic psychotherapist, counsellor, yoga teacher and bodyworker who believes creative expression and movement are the most potent medicine. With more than a decade of experience in body-based therapies, Laura is dedicated to love, self-empowerment, inspiration, service and connection.

George Gintilas

Psychotherapist, Somatic Psychotherapist

Elwood VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I have a life time of experience in helping thousands of people heal from trauma, grief, panic, phobias and a host of issues that can lead you to feeling less than fulfilled and free in your life. I would work with you in stages, introducing deeper body psychotherapy work as needed. Many times only three to six sessions are needed to help you

Kim Gotlieb

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

St Kilda VIC

In Person + Telehealth

A supportive space to explore what is meaningful for you, informed by Process-Oriented Psychology, exploring diversity, polarities and the underlying 'dreaming'┬Ł. Narrative addresses the stories we tell about ourselves, I value the wisdom of the body, Mindfulness, a Sex-positive perspective, as well as a healthy curiosity for the mystery of life.

Fenella Hansen

Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Malvern VIC

Online Therapy Australia-wide

With over a decade of experience as a trauma therapist and mental health practitioner I am able to provide counselling and body based therapies. Using evidence based practices, in conjunction with talk therapy, I can assist my clients as they facilitate change in their lives. I use a holistic approach, tailoring my sessions to the clients' needs.

Olivia Keene

Counselling Psychologist

Clifton Hill VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Olivia is a PhD candidate in Psychology and her project is in the area of prevention of burnout in health practitioners. Over an extended period, she has had a specific interest in research and clinical work in the area of prevention of burnout. Olivia is certified and trained in Eriksonian Solution Focused Therapy, EMDR (certified), Brainspotting

Volker Krohn


South Yarra VIC, Byron Bay NSW

In Person + Telehealth

My work is motivated by a strong passion to contribute to the creation of world peace. I believe the collective power of each of us creating our own inner peace is tremendous. As such, I speak and write widely on emotional healing and re-education, and spiritual renewal, through the exploration of early childhood conditioning.

Sarah McGregor

Social Worker AMHSW, Psychologist

Hawthorn VIC

In Person Consultations

Central to my work is a belief that each person has their own resources that serve as foundations for recovery. I have a particular interest in body awareness throughout the therapeutic process. I work to facilitate a collaborative journey towards a healthy and full life.

Benjamin Shields

Clinical Psychologist

West Melbourne VIC

In Person + Telehealth

An evidence-based, outcome-focused, innovative clinical psychology practice in West Melbourne. Our vision is to provide a respectful, informal, caring experience for our clients, tailored to each individual. We are very passionate about helping our clients to explore, heal, and improve in a safe environment.

Jules Silva

Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Thornbury VIC, Northcote VIC

In Person + Telehealth

Entering into therapy can lead us to greater peace within ourselves, improved relationships with others, and a path to a more authentic and meaningful life. I bring rich life experience and extensive training to my practice.

Karen Thomas

Psychotherapist, Counsellor

South Yarra VIC

In Person + Telehealth

As a counsellor and psychotherapist, my deepest wish is for you to feel supported as you work through your individual psychological and emotional issues. Perhaps you are experiencing anxiety, grieving a loss, or struggling with relationship difficulties. Maybe you feel pressured, and unable to be yourself. Please contact me to see how I can help.

Eleni Sita

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Clifton Hill VIC, Melbourne VIC

In Person + Telehealth

I empower people to make changes that will enrich the meaning and joy they experience in their lives and relationships. Therapeutic techniques I use are Holistic and Client Centred, keeping clients' personal goals central to therapy. I provide both shorter and longer term therapy and clinical supervision services.