Melbourne - Inner City Decision Making

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    • Psychotherapist

      In line with the evidence (Wampold, 2015), mine is a feedback oriented approach which is collaborative, individualised (based on case formulation not diagnosis);...
      Macleod VIC
      North Melbourne VIC
      Max Rutherford
    • Family Therapist

      It is not unusual to experience mental challenges such as anxiety, depression and PTSD (amongst others) to overlap with other existing mental challenges. I am well aware...
      Newport VICMelis Topsahin
    • Psychotherapist

      Finding a counselling space where you feel safe to be yourself can be challenging. Being met with warmth and judgement-free support is so important. As an LGBTQIA+...
      Fitzroy VICNatalie Browne
    • Clinical Psychologist

      Therapy is a great support if you are facing a significant life challenge. It is also a worthwhile resource if you simply want to thrive more, clarify who you are and...
      Bondi Junction NSW
      Melbourne VIC
      Sandra Darmanin
    • Family Therapist

      Harshani has 15 years of experience as a counsellor working with children, adults, couples and families. Harshani uses an evidence-based approach and client centerd...
      Footscray VIC
      Melbourne VIC
      Harshani Algiriyage
    • Psychologist
      Counselling Psychologist

      Working together with a trained therapist, establishing a deep, respectful relationship and engaging with your lived experience can assist in the development of new...
      Fitzroy North VICTreena Mossop