... But she's forgotten what it feels like to fly. Fly to Paradise is the inspirational work of composer and conductor Eric Whitacre, his fourth collaboration with a global v ... Read more.

Recently, I was asked by someone if I wanted to be Facebook friends with them. This led me to think about what friendship actually means? Can you call someone you are friends ... Read more.

"Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life." William Faulkner Tick, tock... it' ... Read more.

The swirling vortex envelopes the ocean the current against it a battle in motion An icy cold whisper across a plain breathes life in nothing again and again The dunes awake ... Read more.

By Amethyst Duggan I recently returned to Perth, Western Australia from a whirlwind almost world-wide trip, covering 12 countries and 20 cities, over approximately 66 days. ... Read more.

You are at home, sitting at the dining table. Books and notes are scattered around you as you read the same sentence for the fourth time. Studying is a bore. So you look up ... Read more.

In this era of easily accessible communication, the desire to stay socially connected is more prevalent than ever. While owning a mobile phone was once considered a novelty re ... Read more.

In our current era of fast technology, rapid globalisation and people working around the clock, daily necessities like food and eating have been placed on the back-burner. Ea ... Read more.

By Monique Latch It seems that people in today’s world are more preoccupied with ‘time’ and more concerned that they are not using their time efficiently. I ... Read more.

by Ross Farrelly Amazing isn't it how much faith we put in our schools. Right from the tender age of five when our children are so impressionable we send them off day after d ... Read more.

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