When given this opportunity to write about friendship I started to think who my friends were now and who had been my friends over the last 60 years... a daunting task...  a little analysis revealed that at any one time I seem to have between 6 to 8 close, usually female friends, apart from a relationship with a husband, partner or lover. Only one of th ... Read more..

I suppose there are at least several forms of friendship, and perhaps there are many. Friendship is a form of love that was well known to the ancient Greeks. Philia is the word that pointed to the unique form of love known as friendship, a complex set of qualities that enriched culture. Though I am somewhat of a solitary, the few friends I have enjoyed in m ... Read more..

Recently, I was asked by someone if I wanted to be Facebook friends with them. This led me to think about what friendship actually means? Can you call someone you are friends with online a ‘real’ friend? What is a ‘real’ friend? I have always considered friends to be those who you enjoy spending time with, those who you create memorie ... Read more..

Friends! – What would life be like without them?! How much poorer would it and would we be? Friends give our lives a sparkle and depth, they enrich our lives immeasurably. Friends share those special moments in our lives with us: Important experiences like the beginning and end of significant relationships, jobs, or periods of education, and life&rsquo ... Read more..

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