Books, Films and Music have become an integral part of our social and cultural fabric. They give us the chance to enjoy some time alone, with family or friends. A great work of art can make us laugh, and nudge us towards a more light-hearted take on things. It can move us to cry and to care. It can invite us to reflect on our values, our patterns of being and doing. It can open our eyes and wake us up to a deeper, richer awareness of ourselves, our relationships and the world in which we live.

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Ikiru (1952)

Ross Bennett     Posted in - Reviews - Films
A Japanese bureaucrat discovers he is going to die in a few months. Worse, he hasn't been alive in decades. This is the premise of "Ikiru", a Japanese movie whose title means ... Read more.
I saw the film recently in Sydney (April 2012) but my following comments are also coloured by the fact that I had investigated the relationship between Spielrein and Jung as p ... Read more.
For some people, the only exposure they have to a psychologist or psychotherapist and the kind of work they do is through watching films. If you have seen a number of the movi ... Read more.
Most people have at least one teacher in their life time who made an impact either because of their passion for the subject or their ability to inspire and forge personal conn ... Read more.
Tell us about a movie that helped you better understand your relationship(s) or inspired you to make a move towards making your relationships matter. Adolescent Love A Walk ... Read more.
Moving movies: While the list below is by no means comprehensive, it's a start. Please help us develop it further. Better still, send us a few sentences about how a particular ... Read more.
While films are a great form of escapism or entertainment, they can also be a profound source of insight, requiring us to examine our values and attitudes. Perhaps even make s ... Read more.
The term 'Disorder of the Self' comes from Kohutian 'Self Psychology'. It is a more accurate descriptive, at least of the underlying dynamics of the syndromes, than the older ... Read more.
Raising Your Spirited Child A Guide for Parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, energetic. By Mary Sheedy-Kurcinka (1992) Reviewed by Andrea Berenyi ... Read more.
One Perfect Day is a story of self discovery ... a story that shows how fear and desire can destroy and how hope and love can create. A celebration of the strength and courage ... Read more.

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