Films about teachers and mentoring relationships

Most people have at least one teacher in their life time who made an impact either because of their passion for the subject or their ability to inspire and forge personal connections with their students. Please help us grow the list below by sharing a few lines about a film that is meaningful for you.

Anna and the King
Coach Carter
Dangerous Minds

Dead Poets Society

Mr Keating is an unconventional teacher at Welton College. He breathes life and passion into English by encouraging his students to use poetry as a form of self expression, his mandate Carpe Diem or Seize the Day. The film follows seven boys: the academic with a forbidden passion for the stage, an insecure young man trying to find himself in the dark shadow of his brilliant brother, the love smitten, the rebel, the good natured, the awkward and the legalist. Dead Poets Society gave me a new perspective and inspired me to follow my dreams. Kat 19

Finding Forrester
Freedom Writers
School of Life
Mona Lisa Smile
Mr Holland's Opus
The Chorus
The Karate Kid - 3 Part Series
The Man without a Face
To Sir, with Love
White Squall

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