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What is good therapy? Here we share the experiential narratives and existential philosophies that underpin our attitudes and approaches to therapy.

What constitutes good therapy for me may well be very different for you. What I can share with you, is my own perspectives as a client, clinician and human on the approaches I ... Read more.
WHAT IS GOOD THERAPY? The most direct questions are often the most challenging! And so it is with this one. I recall the comment (confronting on a first hearing) that you don ... Read more.
Like beauty, good therapy is in the eye of the beholder. What is good depends on what you want, and how you assess it. Despite the fervour for measurement in mental health, it ... Read more.
Part of my work as a psychotherapist is to help clients to locate and strengthen their "inner healer" - the part of themselves that can care for and heal their suffering. We w ... Read more.
The concepts of projective identification and countertransference represent a major transition in world views, from the modern towards the post-modern position. The 'modern' ... Read more.
The intention of all modes of therapy is to develop in consciousness. Traditionally, psychotherapy has focused on the mind, to the exclusion of other aspects of our existence. ... Read more.
What is good therapy? Such a beguilingly simple question, yet I find that I can't answer this question without adding two words… "for me". I strongly believe that the ... Read more.
Good, better, best down to lousy, dangerous and evil. 'Good' and 'is' appears loaded with values and pre-conceptions. Like peanuts, good for one life threatening for another. ... Read more.
Good therapy is the thing that is already trying to happen. Good therapy is not one technique or approach - it is whatever is called for in the moment for that particular pers ... Read more.
He was obviously a businessman. Well groomed, in his expensive looking suit, he had an air about him that signified he was used to having his way and to being in charge. I as ... Read more.
How do we sit with unresolved conflict when the other party is unwilling to work, or take responsibility? At these times it is useful to shift away from a relationship focus ... Read more.
In asking the question "what is good therapy?" we must consider the times in which we live. What is required will then reveal itself. A hunger for the transcendent, for the in ... Read more.
My journey to becoming a therapist began with a desire to develop greater significance in my life and improve the quality of my relationships. Having worked as an organisatio ... Read more.
Although I trained as a Gestalt therapist, my professional journey began as an early childhood educator. For 15 years I worked with children from a wide range of physical, in ... Read more.

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What is good therapy?

Therapists explore the experiential narratives and existential philosophies that underpin their attitudes and approaches to therapy.



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