Dandenongs & Yarra Valley Stress Management

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    • Psychotherapist

      I am committed to the principle of creative spontaneity. Fresh vital responses. I never lose sight of self awareness as critical to enabling you to realise the parts you...
      Richmond VIC
      Christmas Hills VIC
      John Devling
    • Psychotherapist
      Social Worker AMHSW

      John uses Compassion-Focused Therapy, mindfulness & MSC, with CBT, and offers group and one-to-one training and classes in mindfulness and MSC. John gently guides you to...
      Tecoma VIC
      Krowera VIC
      John Julian
    • Clinical Supervisor
      Holistic Counsellor

      I am interested in all aspects of the whole person - practical, physical, emotional, psychological, philosophical etc. I am a counsellor with more than 35 years’ of...
    • Psychotherapist

      We are all trying to do and be the best we can … sometimes we just need some help along the way. With over 22 years’ experience in counselling and psychotherapy, and...
      Boronia VICBarbara Nicholson
    • Psychologist

      I am deeply committed to understanding clients in their unique context and phase of life. I use interventions from different therapies, including Clinical Hypnosis (a...
      Melbourne VIC
      Endeavour Hills VIC
      Gabriel Rusu
    • Counselling Psychologist

      Imogen K Salzman is a Counselling Psychologist and Traditional Medicine Herbalist. She is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine - that is - the meeting place between...
      Tecoma VICImogen K Salzman
    • Psychotherapist

      My work is fundamentally guided by an existential-humanistic ethos which emphasizes collaborative exploration and meaning-making. I draw upon a range of therapeutic...
      Boronia VICCaroline Winzenried