Melbourne - Inner City Jungian

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    • Clinical Psychologist
      Clinical Supervisor

      Healing is always possible. I look for the authenticity, potential and spirit in people on their journeys. I seek not only to help people resolve their current...
      Carlton VICJonathan Tandos
    • Psychotherapist

      The process of therapy aims to help you better understand the source of your distress, as well as the thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck. In time, offering the...
      Fitzroy North VICMichele Watson
    • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

      I see therapy as both a process & a relationship which offers an opportunity to deepen our understanding of ourselves. Those who seek therapy may do so because of a...
      Fitzroy North VICRebeka Harriott
    • Psychotherapist
      Jungian Analyst

      Most of us want to deal with the difficulties that limit our lives, to find strength and peace, and to develop a more meaningful approach to life. There may be a...
      Middle Park VICAnnette Lowe
    • Jungian Analyst

      Many things in life cause us to feel we have lost our way. These may be difficulties that stem from childhood or occur later in the form of illness / injury / emotional...
      East Melbourne VIC
      Golden Point VIC
      Mary Rose Nicol