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 Pam Danson

Pam Danson

Mobile 0481 840 780
Psychotherapist, Counsellor

Pam Danson

Mobile 0481 840 780

I believe to some extent we all need healing and are needing to know our deepest selves in order to function fully and show up in the world. The world needs us to be on board and present for each other, and ourselves. It's urgent. And, we can find lightness in that too. There is much suffering; lets not leave it until our death beds to realise what needs to be done. Change can happen - it might not be as hard as you think. I find, and many find it deeply enriching.


  • Coomboo Lane, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast QLD 4558 0481 840 780 PHONE 0481 840 780


  • Counselling, Psychotherapy, Phone Consultations, Internet Consultations 
  • I pay particular attention to what you want to get from your session. I will discuss with you what would be most helpful. I take time to get clear on what that is, so that we focus on what you came for. I also take time to work out what kind of session works for you: talking, dream work, developing skills, gaining understanding and overview of patterns and life direction, communication or your own unique needs. Maybe its moods; feeling despair, crazy or hopeless. Sense can generally be made of it all. New strengths and skills can be developed. It requires a commitment to your awareness and noticing what's happening and being able to bring your attention to the parts of you needing support and guidance and contact.

    Areas of Special Interest

  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks, Childhood Issues, Chronic Fatigue, Communication Issues, Depression, Dreams, Eating Disorders, Emotional Crisis, Grief / Bereavement, Life Threatening Illness, Pain / Rehabilitation, PTSD, Self Development, Sexual Abuse, Suicidal Feelings, Trauma Recovery  
  • MODALITIES / Approach

    Dream Work, Experiential, Interpersonal, Process Oriented

    I support you in different ways, using elements from Process oriented Psychology, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems and the work of Janina Fisher. Fundamentally I am working from a premise that 'something is always trying to happen'. That something might be a new direction, understanding yourself as a learner, adapting to change, finding your spirituality, dealing with grief, depression, anxiety and the like. Whatever it is, I consider it my job to help you with it by helping put it on the table and consider options, develop skills and often-times find new relationships to 'what is'. There is always a process happening that can be tapped into with heart and curiosity.


    • M.Counselling (QUT) - 2008
    • M.App.Sci. (Social Ecology) UWS - 2000
    • Certificate in Process Oriented Psychology - 2006

    Professional Associations

    • Australian Counselling Association
    • Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia

    Quality Provision

    I actively maintain an ongoing personal, professional development and supervision practice to ensure your utmost well being and greatest understanding. I also love Iearning! I believe the success or outcomes of our sessions are co-creative - that is both of us contribute in an interactive way to creating new ways of being.


    I have been working in different therapeutic contexts for almost 15 years. I have always maintained a private practice alongside working for organisations (tertiary and NGOs) in bereavement, crisis, corrections, disability and 11 years as a counsellor in an organisation that supports unpaid carers. As time goes by, I become increasingly drawn more and more to working with people who have experienced trauma. Many of my clients have been helped to recover from trauma through a variety of approaches. Being able to help you find solace, relief, understanding, functioning and clarifying your goals is my goal.


    By negotiation - presently my days are Wednesday mornings & a session on Saturday afternoon (usually outside overlooking the water, a 2 minute walk from my home or similar negotiated spot).

    Transport and Parking

    Street parking in Fraser Ave, Maroochydore. (just before Coomboo).


    $120 for 1 hour.

    Payment Options

    Cash at time of appointment (or prior), if face to face, or internet bank deposit if Skype or phone, prior to appointment.

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    10 Questions with Pam Danson

    • What led you to choose psychotherapy or counselling as a profession?

    • had the good fortune to witness masters demonstrating a model which was incredibly transparent to me and made me feel – that’s do-able, that’s learnable, there are steps to follow and I could do that. I was invited to a group by a friend and felt I'd come home.
    • Which philosophical approaches have influenced your professional/personal development?

    • Process oriented Psychology which notices 'the process' we're all engaged in. What we want Plus what is disturbing us. Bringing awareness to this process is where the movement and learning happens. Process oriented psychology encourages me to follow very carefully and precisely the content but also the bigger dreaming process that is guiding your life. I see it as my task to track that process and help make it transparent to you so that you can find the gold at the end of the rainbow! In the last few years I have also incorporated the work of Somatic Experiencing, Focusing, Internal Family systems and the work of Janina Fisher.
    • Which particular aspects of health or the human journey are you interested in?

    • I’m interested in all aspects of health and the human journey. That’s the mystery and the excitement – that no matter who presents with what – there is always a path to follow – the unconscious leaves calling cards clearly for us to follow with our attention and awareness – all we need to do is track it.

      That said, trauma is a recurring theme; as is death and dying. I remain endlessly fascinated by the complexities and possibilities within illness, relationships and our inner world. I remain deeply inspired by the courage and possibilities that clients exhibit in their quest for understanding, growth and the mystery of life.
    • What method/s do you use?

    • I endeavour to support the client’s goal, understand that goal in context and why it came about. I will also seek to understand what the impediments are to that goal and how they fit into the scheme of things. I will frame things in terms of language and concepts familiar to the client. I will use dreams if the client brings dreams; I will use pictures if the client wants to draw, I will use dialogue if that arises in the moment, I will use movement if the client is open to that... I will use sound, role play, humour, guess work, compassion and intuition to find solutions and directions. I will feel into the deepest part of myself to see what else might be there... I frequently frame things in terms of parts. Different parts of your psyche or personality. There may be a part that is suffering, another who is critical, another who hates the critical one, another who is determined and motivated, and another who just wants to blob out. Helping these parts relate to each other is usually a huge relief.
    • When do you think the client will start to feel that progress is being made?

    • Sometimes its within the first session, sometimes it takes a number of sessions. Most issues have taken years to come to this point - to do the issues justice often requires a number of sessions to firstly understand, to discover patterns, to find relief, to find new directions, to practise different ways of being, to heal old wounds and new, to develop more inner awareness of what we feel and even discover what we think after we’ve gone past the first layer. Sometimes it needs months and for the super committed or just excited and keen, some choose to do therapy as a way of life to keep learning and growing.
    • How has therapy made you a better person?

    • My awareness of what’s going on is always something I can come back to. I have the ability to reflect on my own behaviour and that of others. I am able to admit mistakes, apologise deeply, am more compassionate of others, am more capable of tackling bigger issues and just generally more interested in the world. My energy has increased, I feel happier and motivated to be in the world and keep learning and open to new experiences.
    • What do you like most about being a therapist?

    • Constantly being challenged by new situations, constantly enjoying the beauty and diversity of the human condition, enjoying deeper and deeper issues and complexity and marvelling at what makes us tick. My own personal growth aids my work with clients and being able to get out of chairs every so often with clients who are up for that allows for more creativity through movement and roleplay and feeling into new possibilities.
    • Do you ever have 'bad hair' days?

    • Sure, though it is rare that I'm not able to make some space to check out what's going on, and engage with it sufficiently to make my day workable !

      Bad hair days: putting my clothes on inside out, leaving my appointment book at home, double booking, forgetting crucial information, feeling that I missed the most important thing - it always comes to me after the session! Totally human, flawed, self-critical, but a learner! :)
    • What do you think is the most significant problem we face, in the world today?

    • That we ourselves can change and that the change we hope and expect from others is also our responsibility. We're rarely aware of our own privilege and capacity to be aware of how hurtful we can be towards others. Its human to identify as the victim of life and very normal, however we are also capable of being at all points along a broad continuum. Being interested in all of our wholeness is generally relieving and more exciting to embrace more of ourselves.
    • Can you share the name of a book, film, song, event or work of art that inspires you?

    • Riding the Horse Backwards by Arnold Mindell; Cry Freedom (film) and Before Night Falls (film)

      Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Janina Fisher.

      Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Nina Simone, Van Jones.
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     Pam Danson

    Pam Danson

    Psychotherapist, Counsellor

    Hi, I'm a process oriented psychotherapist which simply means that I understand that everything is much more fluid than fixed, and everything can transform. It's rare that anything is permanent. Things can change. I am filled with hope and trust in the wisdom of what unfolds, once we allow ourselves to engage with the exploration. ...

    • Maroochydore
    • Dream Work, Experiential, Interpersonal, Process Oriented