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 Lauren Sokolski

Lauren Sokolski

Mobile 0423 932 200
Relationship Therapist, Counsellor

Lauren Sokolski Individual & Relationship Counsell

Mobile 0423 932 200

I believe that each person has the potential to live an authentic and meaningful life. What I love about counselling is that it gives me the opportunity to participate in each person's journey of self-discovery. It is a privilege for me to be able to facilitate this journey and be a witness to each person's blossoming. This is true for both individuals and couples. I practice with great attention to confidentiality, respect and acceptance of who you are and where you may be in your life.


  • Melbourne Health Rooms, 179 Centre Road, Bentleigh, Melbourne VIC 3204 0423 932 200 PHONE 0423 932 200
  • Melbourne Consulting Suites, 57 Orrong Road, Elsternwick, Melbourne VIC 3185 PHONE 0423 932 200 0423 932 200
  • 49 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North, Melbourne VIC 3161 PHONE 0423 932 200 0423 932 200


  • Counselling, Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Clinical Supervision, Online Video Consultations 
  • Counselling is a collaborative process which allows you to explore your issues in depth and to find new ways of handling them. You are the expert in your own life and I believe that change occurs best in an authentic client-therapist relationship. I am honest and transparent in my work with you and always treat you with respect and non-judgemental acceptance of where you are in your life.

    Areas of Special Interest

  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks, Assertiveness, Cancer Support, Childhood Issues, Communication Issues, Conflict Resolution, Depression, Divorce / Separation, Emotional Overwhelm, Existential Issues, Grief / Bereavement, Guilt Feelings, Intimacy Issues, Life Threatening Illness, Life Transitions, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Self Development, Sexual Abuse, Stress Management, Trauma Recovery, Women's Issues, Workplace Issues  
  • MODALITIES / Approach

    Developmental, EMDR, Interpersonal, Marriage and Family, Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Trauma-Informed

    I practice from a holistic approach, which means I take into account the whole of YOU: the way you think, how you feel, your dreams, values and beliefs, the impact that family issues have on you, both past and present, job stresses, cultural background, migration experience, health issues and anything else which might be significant.

    I am committed to working with you so that you can move towards creating balance in your life and feel greater life satisfaction.


    • Bachelor of Social Work, McGill University - 1987
    • Bachelor of Social Work, University of Melbourne - 1991

    Professional Associations

    • Australian Association of Social Workers

    Quality Provision

    Having had the experience of my own therapy and counselling over the years, I understand the sense of vulnerability that comes with revealing the deeper aspects of yourself to someone else. The extensive professional development I have participated in has kept me up to date with current trends in the field as well as rounding out my skills, providing a strong foundation for my naturally intuitive sense as a therapist. I also participate in peer group supervision.


    I have 30 years counselling experience which includes working with cancer patients and their families, supporting them through the difficult stages of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and death.
    I have worked extensively with individuals and couples, addressing a wide range of issues.
    I teach a supervision course for professionals as well as provide clinical supervision to other professionals.


    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, day and evening appointments available.

    Transport and Parking

    Bentleigh: Ample parking.
    Accessible by train and bus.
    Elsternwick. Accessible by tram and train.
    Easy walk from train station and tram.
    Caulfield North: Ample parking.
    Easy walk from Balaclava Road, trams 3 or 16.


    $175 per session
    Medicare Rebates available.

    Payment Options

    Cash or bank transaction.

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    10 Questions with Lauren Sokolski

    • What led you to choose psychotherapy or counselling as a profession?

    • I was interested in working with people and being part of their journey towards wellness and wholeness.
      I discovered that the work enabled me to do my own work on my personal issues through supervision with mentors, professional and personal development courses and workshops, and through my own counselling experience.
    • Which philosophical approaches have influenced your professional/personal development?

    • Irvin Yalom 's approach, an existential perspective, has really resonated with me, as well as an underlying belief in the power of acceptance of one's self, warts and all, and commitment to living an authentic and genuine life.
    • Which particular aspects of health or the human journey are you interested in?

    • I am very interested in self-acceptance, understanding one's own journey, past life experiences and anxiety. I am also interested in assisting others to develop meaningful relationships with themselves and others.
    • What method/s do you use?

    • I use the relationship we create as client and therapist to explore and clarify the themes, patterns, dynamics and conflicts you are experiencing so that you can be happier and have a more fulfilling life. As your counsellor, I work with you to sharpen your awareness about the choices you are making in your life and how you are ‘being’ in these choices and relationships. I see counselling as a series of conversations about you and your life where I ask questions and provide feedback as we explore who you are. I use a holistic approach and depending on the nature of the issues, I may use a psychodynamic approach which includes exploring one's family of origin experience, dreams where relevant, what occurs in the relationship between the two of us, Psych-K to address sub-conscious beliefs and even EMDR for unresolved trauma.
      When I work with couples, I use the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy as a framework.
      I work from a position of respect for each partner and for the relationship. I listen carefully to each partner’s perspective in order to develop an understanding of the dynamics occurring in the relationship. I listen for what is getting in the way of authentic communication between partners.
      Through couples therapy, I work with you to develop a better understanding of your selves, of what you each bring to the relationship, and how this impacts on your ability to communicate effectively with each other.
      I give you feedback about what I observe and using specific therapy techniques, I coach you on how to talk to each other in a non-blaming way. I also coach you on how to really listen to what the other is saying so that you both feel heard and understood.
      I focus on what occurs in the therapy session between the two of you. Through the process of couples therapy, I help you each clarify your experience of “who am I in this relationship” and “who I want to be.” I work with you to learn how to be yourself in an emotionally satisfying relationship whilst maintaining integrity and self-awareness.
    • When do you think the client will start to feel that progress is being made?

    • This will vary from client to client. Some clients feel an optimism and even make shifts between the first and second sessions whereas other clients may take 4-5 sessions before they feel any progress is being made.
    • How has therapy made you a better person?

    • Over many years, I have had the opportunity to participate in therapy, counselling and self-development programs, both personal and professional. I participated in The Landmark Education Forum over 10 years ago which had a great impact on helping me change the stories and perceptions I had about myself and difficult experiences in my life. I also participated in a Psychodrama Training Program which complemented the journey I had begun towards accepting the ‘shadow side’ of myself – those parts that we usually don’t like and would rather ignore. All these experiences have supported me in living my own life with integrity.
    • What do you like most about being a therapist?

    • I love the diversity of the people I meet through my practice. I have always been a curious person, interested in other people's lives and their way of thinking and being in the world. Being a therapist allows me the privilege of entering into others' lives, sometimes for a brief glimpse and at other times for a longer journey. I really do feel that it is a privilege to be entrusted with aspects of others' lives and it is extremely rewarding when clients are able to make the changes necessary to improve their lives and relationships with others.
    • Do you ever have 'bad hair' days?

    • Of course! Sometimes I may not be feeling 100% and my brain may feel foggy. I think when you look at the therapeutic process overall, when a session occurs when I'm not feeling 100%, it is balanced out by the other sessions where I am fully on the ball. I recently attended a workshop where the presenter encouraged us all to share with our clients when we're not feeling well. This allows you to know that if things seem sluggish or not quite right, it isn't about you but about the therapist.
    • What do you think is the most significant problem we face, in the world today?

    • This is a difficult question to answer. I worry about the disconnection we create with all of our modern technology, using texting and email and facebook to interact with each other rather than face-to-face encounters which help to develop empathy and social skills in a very different way. I think there is a long-term impact related to this which we are only beginning to see.
      The other area that I worry about is the lack of tolerance or acceptance that one culture, race, or religion expresses towards others.
    • Can you share the name of a book, film, song, event or work of art that inspires you?

    • Dr Brian Weiss's book, Many Lives, Many Masters, had a great influence on the development of my spiritual life. I have read all of his books and attended a conference with him in 2012 and find him to be an inspiring teacher and leader. I admire that he eventually worked up the courage to write this book when he was worried about his reputation and how it would be received by colleagues in his field.
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     Lauren Sokolski

    Lauren Sokolski

    Relationship Therapist, Counsellor

    My approach is holistic which means that I take into account the whole of you – the way you think, how you feel, your dreams, values, beliefs, the impact of family issues on you, job stresses, cultural background, migration experience, health issues and anything else which might be significant.

    My clients tell me they appreciate my gentle yet honest approach. I practice with respect for you, understanding that your journey is unique and accepting where you are in your life. I guide you accordingly to work at a pace that is...

    • Bentleigh, Elsternwick, Caulfield North
    • Developmental, EMDR, Interpersonal, Marriage and Family, Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Trauma-Informed