Reduced Rate Profile Subscription

Good Therapy Australia aims to provide an inclusive service. 

This means we seek to make the Psychotherapy Directory affordable for practitioners and accessible to all Australians.

To this end, we are happy to offer a reduced rate to therapists who meet one or more of the following criteria:

 -- You are just starting out in private practice and do not yet have clients

 -- You practice on a part time basis (five or less consultations per week)

 -- Your professional fee for a consultation is not more than $100

 -- Your yearly gross income is below a threshold of $55K

 -- You are currently experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, or other personal circumstances.

Directory Listing / Profile Subscription 2021

Full rate: $154 (no GST) | Reduced rate: $110 (no GST)

Remaining Sustainable

Since Good Therapy must cover substantial costs to run this website, we ask that the reduced rate offer is taken up only if your situation is genuine. If you are unsure as to whether you qualify or wish to ask a question, please get in touch.


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