Violence begets violence! and violence comes from fear....... "the elephant in the room" ......and we cannot force people to face their fears, in fact attacking or criticis ... Read more.

Life does not move in a linear time sequence. We try to put life in boxes. We label them "past", "present" and future. We spend so much time trying to understand life that w ... Read more.

I had an interesting conversation with an eight year old girl. I picked her up from school, and when I asked her how her day was she replied "I'm having a sad day today" ... Read more.

I would like to suggest that there is no right way. There are different ways, and each way has advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes I use touch, sometimes I don't. Sometime ... Read more.

Every time a natural impulse is denied (don't shout, don't cry, don't look, don't get too excited), we cut off from our aliveness, our connection with our biological pulsation ... Read more.

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