What does one say

Words will never be enough

Dear Therapist,

What does one say?
Where to start when thinking of all the ways my life has changed through our work together.
Thank you for patiently helping me understand myself better.
For caring so genuinely.
Thank you for opening my eyes, allowing me to see things as they are.
Thank you for supporting me to see truths I ‘sensed’ but didn’t know how to make ‘sense of.’
Thank you for holding my little hand, guiding me as we navigated scary territory.
You helped me grow the parts of myself that were lost, discarded, forgotten and buried.
Together, I witnessed my life making more sense.
Because of therapy, I have hope, more joy.
More peace.
In a way, it feels like a second chance at life.... a renewal or rebirth.
This has been one of life’s greatest gifts.
I do feel more alive and human because of therapy.
I am freer now.
And hopefully, wiser.
Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes and learn - without shame.
You have taught me the value of ‘process’ and the power of deep, healing connection.
You celebrated the growth, and allowed me to truly grieve pain and loss.
I believe that because of therapy with you, I am a kinder and more compassionate person.
Words will never be enough.
Most of all, I want to thank you for not giving up on me.
- Anonymous

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