Welcome 2015 with a fresh perspective

At this moment, while we stand at the edge of a new year it can be tempting to make promises to ourselves of how this new year will be different from anything we aren't happy with in the old year. Or maybe you have a sense that in the coming year there are things in your life that you want to change. So often we launch into a new beginning in our lives by setting goals, making resolutions and grand plans.

But I'd like to invite us to begin our journey into 2015 differently. I'd like us to receive Cheryl Richardson’s invitation from her book ‘Life Makeovers’ (2001) to start the New Year by taking a moment to reflect over 2014 and acknowledge to yourself what you have accomplished in the last 12 months, and more importantly the person that you have become. Get a fresh perspective on 2014 through remembering all that you have done right in the last year. This sense of 'rightness' has the power to bring fresh energy, enthusiasm and a framework to begin 2015 from a position of strength, not deficit. Basically, by reviewing what has worked well in 2014 you come into the new year with your best foot forward rather than a sense of having to play 'catch up'.

-- So when you have a quiet moment, grab a piece of paper and a pen and answer the following questions:

-- What qualities within my character have I strengthened in 2014?

-- How have I become more honest with myself and the people in my life?

-- Where have I shared kindness and offered support to others?

-- And what special memories, achievements, accomplishments - both big and small have I created that I wish to hold onto into the new year?

-- How have I faced the challenges of 2014 with strength and courage?

-- What have been my losses, regrets, mistakes and failures that I can learn from and begin again differently in 2015 with the hard earned wisdom that often only comes from painful experiences?

Answering these questions will energise you to focus on what really counts and open your heart and mind to receiving the possibilities of the new year. It helps us also to bring attention to the prayers we’ve seen answered and grace received reminding us that this abundance is ever fresh and will continue on with us into 2015.

Change and growth occur in an environment where we recognise our strength and possibility, not when we are beating ourselves up. Focus on what has worked and changed for the better in 2014 and you'll be all set for a great 2015.


Copyright 2014 Marcia Watts

Posted on 31 December 2014

Marcia Watts

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