Total eclipse

Cirrus clouds and red moon

Yesterday, while out walking, I was stopped in my tracks by what I saw: clouds scattered across the sky in an incredibly beautiful pattern. To continue walking was not an option. After standing still for several minutes, I resumed my stroll and wondered: What was the exquisite feeling that flowed spontaneously through every fibre of my being? It was different to delight, and not quite joy. The feeling didn’t want to be named. And so my questioning moved on to: How can a few clouds impact on a human thus? What does it say about us, what does it mean?

It was the middle of the day so there were no intense colours as you often see at sunset or sunrise. The drama lay purely in the formation. In nature we find an amazing variety of forms and patterns and textures, they are all around if only we take the time to look. Occasionally, nature takes the initiative, and strides before us in such an arresting manner as to take our breath away. Gently removing us from our everyday preoccupation, she reminds us that there is more to life than what we habitually do and say and think and feel. So much more!
Closer to home, I notice a lady in her front garden. With weeds in one hand she raises the other in my direction, a sort of wave and I say hello. “Have you seen the sky?” I ask. I’m keen to share the experience with another. “Oh yes,” she replies smiling “And on Wednesday night the moon will turn red, a lunar eclipse!” I hadn't heard about that and assured her I would look when the time came.

Posted on 08 October 2014 in - Temenos Journal - Bliss and Awareness

D T Andrews

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