Structured Relapse Prevention

Structured Relapse Prevention (SRP) is a counselling approach that employs cognitive-behavioral treatment to help clients learn the coping skills they need to deal effectively with daily substance abuse triggers and risk situations.

Motivational Interviewing is also used as a prelude to SRP to resolve ambivalence related to current substance abuse behavior. SRP can be delivered to individuals or groups in a variety of service contexts, including substance use treatment services, employee assistance programs, probation and parole settings, and mental health settings.

A complete program of SRP includes:

1. A comprehensive assessment with personal feedback
2. One or more Motivational Interviewing appointments prior to SRP counselling
3. Sessions where the client is engaged to develop an individually tailored plan consisting of:
    - a treatment contract
    - a personal hierarchy of triggers to alcohol and other drug use
    - client goal setting and self monitoring

4. Eight to twelve counselling sessions (individual or group)
5. Initiation of Change homework assignments
6. Maintenance of Change homework assignments.

Clients are met where they are at in their current substance use and autonomy for change remains with the client.