Soul Centred Psychotherapy

Soul Centred Psychotherapy attends to the human experience through the everyday stuff of life: thoughts, emotions, body sensations and symptoms, and the relationships people have with others and with the world. Value, meaning, and healing emerge from within each person's unique process of inner work rather than from any external ideal of health, wealth, or happiness.

SCP focuses on relationship, mindfulness, attention, lived experience, meaning, honouring, and the sacred. It is this focus that differentiates Soul Centred work from other approaches that use similar therapeutic techniques.

Relationship. SCP works to develop a more vital and aware relationship between our everyday sense of self and the other layers of our mindbody systems. By attending to this inner relationship, we learn to explore the internal dynamics that determine our thoughts, moods and behaviours. The therapy process itself involves a relationship between therapist and client. that may involve the therapist as guide, as teacher, as support person, as healer, as fellow traveller. SCP takes the time to develop relationship with whatever is happening for you, to attend fully to inner experience, and to work respectfully and systematically for change.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of being fully present in the moment with attention available for whatever is happening. Soul Centred psycho-therapists use mindfulness practices to develop their capacity for therapeutic attention, and also teach these healing practices in the therapeutic work.

Embodied experience. SCP works to form connections between mind and body, thoughts and feelings, memories and current life events. The process of recovering from trauma is a significant part of the therapeutic journey. Soul Centred psychotherapists are committed to studying the leading edge of research in fields such as energy psychology and mindbody healing. Incorporating thee approaches ensures that the therapy process is not overwhelming and that change and healing occur appropriately for each person.
Meaning, honouring, and the sacred(mythic). Meaning in Soul Centred psychotherapy involves a sense of value and importance that is subjective rather than objective or collective.

Creative expression of inner material is encouraged through drawing or painting an image, sculpting a form in clay, writing in a journal, moving to music etc., in away that honours the individual journey. In SCP some of the great myths that have informed humanity are brought present in the form of story, images, and personal rituals that develop spontaneously in a session or are planned over several sessions. Ancestral themes are explored when appropriate.

In Soul Centred psychotherapy a more workable relationship is developed with the internal processes that have blocked a person's most intense, profound, and honest relation to life. People leave Soul Centred psychotherapy with rich appreciation of the soul's reality and depth, with tools for ongoing development, and with an experience of true healing that has occurred in a unique and personal way.

Soul Centred psychotherapy was developed in the 1980's by Dr Kaalii and Andrew Cargill. SCP incorporates a wide range of therapeutic forms, including both personal and transpersonal approaches.