Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy was developed by William Glasser MD, an American Psychiatrist, and its techniques, theory and wider applications continue to evolve through his notions of Control and Choice Theory.

Reality Therapy is a method of counselling which teaches people how to direct their own lives, make more effective choices, and how to develop the psychological strength to handle the stresses and problems of life.

Reality Therapy is grounded in the idea that regardless of what has "happened" in our lives, or what we have done in the past, we can choose behaviours that will help us meet our needs more effectively in the future.

Reality Therapy is a process made up of two major components:
Creating a trusting environment; and using techniques which help a person discover what they really want, reflect on what they are doing now, and create a new plan for fulfilling that 'want' more effectively in the future.

Recently, Glasser decided to use the term CHOICE THEORY in preference to CONTROL THEORY since he has adjusted the original theory incorporating the ideas of basic needs, quality world and creativity amongst others. Glasser identifies these basic needs as Love/Belonging, Freedom, Fun, Power and Survival.

Choice Theory explains how we make choices as we attempt to balance our needs. It contends that all we do is behave, and, in contrast to external control theory, which claims that all of our behaviour is externally motivated, this theory explains that all behaviour is internally motivated.

By using Choice Theory, the therapist helps people learn that what we do is not determined by external causes, but by what goes on inside of us.