Radix is based upon the principle that each individual is a whole person consisting of a mind, feelings, and a body. For personal growth to be effective and lasting, it must touch and transform all of our levels.

Given there is a mind/body unity, lasting psychological change can be affected by also working with the body. By itself, intellectual understanding, such as that offered by purely verbal counselling techniques, does not penetrate to and transform the deeper levels of our being. If we deal with conceptual content, and leave unchanged the deeper emotions and physical blockages, then the roots of our problems remain untouched, allowing those problems to again manifest with the same or different symptoms. Instead, each kind of blockage must be dealt with on its own level.

RADIX therefore uses a diversity of mind (verbal), feelings (affective), and body (somatic) counselling techniques to bring lasting change to each level of the whole person. As the work progresses, clients resolve their issues (e.g., anxiety, depression, trauma). Typically they also begin to experience becoming more fully alive and more authentic. Of course RADIX is applied differently to clients according to their individual needs, and yet common themes underlie the work such as mind/body integration, grounding, centering, boundaries, containment of feelings, ego strengthening, pulsation, charging, discharging, intimacy, pleasure, choice, and awareness.

RADIX claims to:

  • Develop mind/body integration, reducing dissociation, enhancing the experience of being fully alive.
  • Ground you in your body and your experience of life, enabling greater competence in your dealing with life's daily issues.
  • Centre you in your experience of your own body, feelings, and thoughts, enabling your experience of your own authentic self.
  • Create boundaries that define you to yourself, your relationships, and the world.
  • Contain feelings that might overwhelm you, until they can be expressed at an appropriate time in an appropriate manner.
  • Strengthen your ego, your sense of and your experience of self.
  • Restore the flow of your life force, enhancing its pulsation, your aliveness, and expressiveness.
  • Enhance your capacity to increase and contain your biophysical energy -- to charge with energy and to tolerate increased amounts of energy, thereby enhancing your capacity for pleasure.
  • Discharge long-held feelings of anger, fear, pain, and longing thereby allowing for the enhanced capacity for feelings of love, trust, pleasure, and fulfilment.
  • Increase your capacity for interpersonal contact, allowing therefore for greater emotional and sexual intimacy.
  • Discover and express your authentic self, resulting in enhanced autonomy & self-direction.

RADIX is based upon the humanistic psychology model that views individuals as being on a spectrum of personal growth. RADIX is unlike many therapies whose medical models view persons as being either "sick" or "healthy." RADIX education is rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich, M.D. whose pioneering research on the relations of body, mind, and feelings has served to source so many of today's Western mind/body therapeutic practices.

Source: 2003 Radix Institute