No-one I know eats in their sleep.

Question: I'm hoping you will be able to give me some advice. I am 42 and live alone. My children have left home and my husband and I seperated nearly three years ago. I have developed a habit of waking up in the middle of the night, going to the kitchen and bringing food back to bed. In the morning I don't normally remember what happened but the empty packets and wrappers make it pretty obvious. Sometimes I am shocked by how much I consumed. I know this is not healthy but am at a loss to know how to stop. I'm not sure if this is an eating disorder or a symptom of something else. I've heard of people talking and walking in their sleep but no-one I know eats in their sleep. Julie

Answer: Eating in the middle of the night in the manner you describe does constitute a form of eating disorder, which is usually a symptom of an underlying issue. Often it is anxiety that wakes people in the middle of the night and eating may be a way of soothing yourself. If you're concerned about it, talking with a counsellor can help you identity what's driving your nighttime eating and address the issue in healthier ways.

Answer provided by: Gemma Summers

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