Journal Therapy

Journal Therapy is a healing process allowing the client to improve physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness through the processing of events and emotions, and the creation of new meaning out of these experiences.

Unlike traditional diary writing, where daily events and external happenings are recorded, Journal Therapy focuses on the writer's internal experiences, reactions, and perceptions. Through this process, the writer is able to perceive their experiences more clearly, which has been shown to have both mental and physical health benefits. There is scientific evidence that the benefits of writing out inner turmoil are more than just psychological. Dr. James Pennebaker, a researcher in Texas, has conducted studies that show that when people write about emotionally difficult events or feelings for just 20 minutes at a time over three or four days, their immune system functioning increases.

Journal Therapy has been used effectively for grief and loss, coping with life-threatening or chronic illness, recovery from addictions, eating disorders and trauma, repairing troubled relationships, increasing communication skills, developing healthier self-esteem, gaining a new perspective on life and clarifying life goals. Journal therapy is also very effective in groups, and it is common for group members to establish a deep sense of connection as authentic self-expression is shared.