It's about Time

Well here we are, on the evening of what was meant to be our launch day. We're still deciding whether to set the site live tonight or wait until morning. I'm thinking we should wait because there are a few things I want to double check. And there are a bunch of articles and photos that only came in today. It's the accumulation of little things we leave to the very end that make the end somewhat intense. Shallow breath and furrowed brow ... the vague sense of dread that you've forgotten something. Also the sense of disbelief that you've actually arrived at the place you've been journeying to, for what seems a very long time.

As is the custom when one arrives some place important, I want to thank the people who made it possible. My partner Ross for financial and emotional support. Special thanks to Daniel for valuable technical advice and donation towards our image gallery. David Bryan, founding Director - and Jes, who while busy with her own projects, still manages to give generously by way of affection and enthusiasm.

I'm also grateful to our team of talented photographers and volunteers; Yasmin, Katrin, Tilly, Dion, Steve and Julie - thank you for your contributions and for being great people to work with.

Big Thanks Tim and GK for building the site, especially for your heroic efforts in the past 48 hours. Turned out to be a much bigger project than we imagined. We haven't finished the book yet, just the first couple of chapters. I look forward to continuing the journey with you.

Thanks too to our members who journey with us on an ongoing every-day basis. We need you more than ever now ... if you happen upon any bugs in the system or the site, please let us know.

To celebrate the launch of Good Therapy's website, we invite you to participate by contributing something for the Temenos Journal. The theme for June and July is "It's about Time."

See here - we have posted some already!

Warm wishes,


Photo by Yasmin Eghtesadi "A Journey begins with one step."

Posted on 03 June 2013 in - Good Therapy News

Che McLeod

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