Creative Potential

Creative expression is a soulful act. It connects us to deeper meaning in our everyday life. It is responsible for enhancing our lives in a multitude of ways. It is an essential aspect of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. When engaged in creative pursuits, people report feeling more relaxed, their heart rate slows, breathing deepens, and a meditative state of mind results.

Suppressing creativity is as problematic as suppressing emotion, and ultimately results in dissatisfaction and depression.

Humans (yes, that means you!) are an infinitely creative species. Every one of you has creativity inbuilt into your genes. You can't help it - so stop denying it! And yet, it is frightening the number of folk I see who claim they are not creative!!

I have never found this to be true - perhaps just unnoticed or unrealised - but never non-existent.

What is creativity?

Creativity is not just about splashing paint on canvas or writing a novella. It involves the application of certain attitudes, like exploration, transformation, playfulness and experimentation, to any aspect of life.

Everyone expresses creativity differently. In Japan, making Tea is a work of art. In Western society, the same is true for coffee. TV shows like Backyard Blitz demonstrate how decorating our homes and designing our gardens are also expressions of our creative potential. Jamie Oliver turns cooking dinner into a work of art. Business success stems from creative thinking and problem solving.

Many people are rediscovering crafts like making jewellery or recycled paper, even knitting has made a come-back. Restoring old furniture, tinkering with mechanical objects, making things for the home are also ways to tap into our creative essence.

Creativity can even be expressed in the way you make love. You might pay special attention to how the room is prepared, or you may create stories, or simply imagine you are God or Goddess of Love - making every kiss and touch artful!

If you are a parent, you will know that raising children and keeping a loving home is a journey filled with creativity and artfulness.

If you are a healer, every touch of your hands is a deeply artistic expression. As a Psychologist, I know that simply living your life with integrity and consciousness constitutes a creative act.

Essentially, every life is a work of art in progress!!

Encouraging Creativity!

Creativity is a team effort between our soul's creative juices, shaped and moulded into something beautiful, amazing, different or helpful by our minds.

  • Find something you enjoy doing
  • Believe in it as an art form - whatever it is
  • Cultivate an attitude of reverence, openness, and freedom towards your creative pursuit

Criticism and Creativity

Harsh internal or external criticism will kill creativity immediately. If you notice a critic around when you are creating, then you should delay your activity until you can be free of the critic. If it is an external critic, find a more supportive environment to nurture your talents.

If it is an internal critic, silence it for the duration of the creative process. If you like, you can bring in constructive criticism after you have finished, this will help polish your skills, highlight areas you can improve and grow. But your creative expression doesn't stand a chance while a voice in your head is saying "who are you kidding, you're not creative, that's rubbish, no one would buy that!" This kind of self criticism is destructive - which to my mind is just abuse and should be stopped.

Constructive criticism asks questions like this:

  • What works and what does not?
  • What do I like? How does it make me feel?
  • What could I do differently?
  • How was my state of mind while engaged in that process?
  • Do I feel this is the best way to express my creativity?

Finding and expressing your creativity will add meaning, peace and satisfaction to your life. And not only that, when people connect with their true creative potential, abundance and prosperity (not just the financial sort) usually follow.

See if you can start living more creatively today, the benefits are enormous.

Words by Michelle McClintock

Posted on 10 November 2004