Christian Counselling

Christian Counsellors let the client set the agenda and pace for Counselling. They help people reach understanding and conclusions for themselves, rather than telling them what to think and what to do. This doesn't mean that they never discuss direction, but it means that they want the clients to feel in control of the areas being discussed at all times.

Christian Counsellors counsel by listening, by asking questions, by challenging assumptions, by helping people towards an understanding of the key issues and potential solutions, and by helping plan and evaluate change. Sometimes they ask clients to write feelings or observations down in preparation for the next session. Sometimes they ask them to keep a log of changes that have taken place. Sometimes clients are asked read and reflect on passages from the Bible.

Christian Counsellors believe that:

~ People are made in the image of God and therefore have tremendous potential for good and creativity.

~ People are ultimately responsible for their own thinking and actions.