Body Clock

The Art of Listening to our deeper selves

In recent months I have been aware of my tendency to marginalise my need to slow down and ‘smell the roses’ which can mean different things to each of us.

"I feel pressured by time." An interesting statement if you think about it. The statement implies that ‘time’ is something outside of me. There is an element of truth to this - often we are required to be somewhere at a certain time, stop or start doing things at certain clock times etc.

I am also interested in exploring and supporting my own internal sense of time and ‘timing’. Sometimes for me it means literally: “stop power walking and smell that amazing rose!” At other times it means “yes, stop cleaning or emailing and get yourself to yoga!”

It’s a busy time and world for a lot of us and we usually don’t slow down unless we have to – our bodies develop painful and disturbing symptoms, keeping us in bed. Or Nature unveils her power, creating rain and floods – keeping us indoors and occupied with ‘what is happening’ in the moment. Or our kids' behaviour becomes so intense that we can’t continue juggling so many things at once.

As a counsellor, I see people of all ages for any number of issues. At this time however, the most common and frequent conversation I find myself having with others is about the crucial need to stop … slow down … listen and follow what is happening. That is, following our own true Nature and body clock. Mother Nature follows herself – so can we!

Yes, there's a time and place for rushing and doing … the answer is not in blindly switching to a more leisurely pace.

It’s about stopping for a moment or two, listening to our deeper selves, our true Nature and following that.

Posted on 01 June 2013 in - Temenos Journal - Time - Burnout and Balance

Nicole Kinnaird

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