This story is about the experience of Embodied Imagination (EI) work, with a traumatic memory of sexual violation, by a group of teenage boys which a client I will call Miriam experienced when she was 15. Embodied Imagination is a therapeutic and creative way of working with dreams, memories and physical symptoms, pioneered in the late 70s by Dutch Jungian ... Read more..

by Rotem Dan Mor A little while ago I guided a tour of second year students from the institute for democratic education (where I study) to the area where the Separation Wall is being built between the Palestinian community of Beit Suriq and the Jewish-Israeli community of Mevaseret Zion. The subject of the tour was the environmental effect of the wall in t ... Read more..

No, I'm not referring to Madonna's 1980's hit song. The title refers to a psychiatric condition found predominantly in young women - Borderline Personality Disorder. Symptoms include such things as: intense personal relationships, fear of abandonment, low self image, damaging impulsiveness, suicidal thoughts or self harming behaviour, feeling empty or bad, ... Read more..

The Tsunami disaster has deeply touched every one of us. Not since "September 11" has such graphic and distressing footage flooded our television screens. For most of us we have not, in our lifetimes, witnessed such an awesome destruction of human life. Nor have we been involved in such a massive wave of compassionate assistance for a remote community. The g ... Read more..

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