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Cancer is the folk name for a form of illness that is characterised by uninhibited and infiltrating growth of certain types of body-tissue. Cancer cells, in contrast to healthy cells, have lost the identification with the tissue from which they originated and continue to live for the sake of growing. In doing so, they destroy the subtle functional order of t ... Read more..

by Ruth Whalen MLT (ASCP) & BA Many people claim that the drug caffeine is beneficial. However, as a medical technologist experienced in chemistry and immunology, I do not advise anyone to rush to Starbucks, Gloria Jean's or the nearest chocolate counter. According to chemical manufacturers, caffeine is dangerous when swallowed (1, 2) and when inhaled (1) ... Read more..

What's the value of having goals? What are we aiming for and why? Quite simply, we set goals in order to have a better life. Thus the process of setting a goal always begins with a vision of an improved life, which is a powerful tool in itself. Setting a goal activates our desires and dreams, mobilises our energy and courage, and motivates us to search for ... Read more..

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Therapists explore the experiential narratives and existential philosophies that underpin their attitudes and approaches to therapy.



Contributions from writers, artists, philosophers and poets, exploring the questions that help us understand what it means to be human



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