Are you a dreamer? Do you remember your dreams and do you desperately try to understand them when they just don’t make sense? Some people dream intensely and remember the details while others don’t think they dream, or they forget them in the morning. The dream you remember the most is usually the last dream you have before you wake. Recently a ... Read more..

Have you ever been woken up by a dream that stunned, scared or left a huge impression on you that you just couldn’t forget? Many people have such a significant experience at least once in their lives. Dreams can move and shake us up in profound ways, sometimes more so than our conscious lives. Dreams are curious experiences. Indeed, they are exp ... Read more..

I am a dreamer! By that I mean more than the fact that I dream like everybody else or that I fantasize. I dream, yes, but I have also developed a discipline of dreaming over a period of twenty five years, while living in the USA. I returned to Australia in 2003 where I continue on a daily basis. My discipline of dreaming includes the usual practices of ... Read more..

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