One e of the most common questions asked is how does a person obtain ‘Balance.’ While gaining balance and a healthy wellbeing can be one of the simplest tasks to achieve being out of balance is also one of the most common issues we all face. Particularly, during stressful times. During these periods of high stress and anxiety if we stick to the basics w ... Read more..

Che: How did you come to appreciate the value of books? Adam: I have always loved the feel of books. Nothing was more exciting for me than receiving a new book as a birthday or Christmas present. I was always compelled to open it and start reading, leaving other presents still wrapped. Some of my earliest memories are reading Enid Blyton’s Encha ... Read more..

Pets as Therapy

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What inspired you to start Velma's Pets as Therapy? A chronic, painful illness had me in bed for over 2 years and Honey was my constant companion. If not for her, I believe I wouldn't be here today. She lifted my spirits and made me feel better in ways that no medication could! As I began to feel a little better, I felt sorry for all those people in residen ... Read more..

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Types Of Therapy

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