A girl was sitting on her own in the school playground. I walked up to her and said “Are you OK? You look sad”. She replied “It’s my birthday tomorrow”. “Why does that make you sad?” I asked ”I’m getting a bicycle” “Don’t you want a bicycle?” “No I don’t want a bicycle. I want my dad to spend the day with me” ... Read more..

When trying to get a message across to others, we may resort to submissive, manipulative or aggressive behaviours. "I" statements provide an honest and effective alternative. The 'recipe' for a 4 part "I" statement (or 'assertion statement') is easily learned. It is as follows: When you… (a description of the other's behaviour) I feel… (use ... Read more..

Most of us like nice people and hope others think we're nice too. Being nice involves social behaviours that promote bonding and good will, behaviours such as smiling, being emotionally warm, being generous, using humour, paying compliments and using common courtesies. It's an inviting and non-threatening form of relating. When Nice Is Not So Nice: Compulsi ... Read more..

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