Puberty Girl is the result of over a decade of working with girls in their teens (9-12 year olds) and wanting to offer these girls something they could use as a resource. I deeply hope that Puberty Girl is a book that girls would want to pick up and read out of their own interest and curiosity, and not because their parents said they should. It is filled wi ... Read more..

The term 'Disorder of the Self' comes from Kohutian 'Self Psychology'. It is a more accurate descriptive, at least of the underlying dynamics of the syndromes, than the older and more familiar term 'Personality Disorder'. However, 'Disorder of the Self' is a general term that does not distinguish between the various presentations. The Psychodynamic model m ... Read more..

Raising Your Spirited Child

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Raising Your Spirited Child A Guide for Parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, energetic. By Mary Sheedy-Kurcinka (1992) Reviewed by Andrea Berenyi Raising your spirited child is a refreshingly positive work that is both pro parent and pro child. Drawing on her experiences with her son Joshua, Mary Sheedy-Kurcinka has sought to pr ... Read more..

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