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Ms Susan Vu

Ms Susan Vu

Mobile 0450 616 321
Holistic Counsellor, Transpersonal Therapist

Mobile 0450 616 321

Susan is a Spiritual Therapist with more than 6 years’ experience in holistic therapy. She specialises in assisting people on their spiritual path to find the root cause of emotional, mental and behavioural issues. Susan has a gift for connecting people to their most authentic life filled with soulfulness, deep connection, and peace. She uses a soul-centred approach which entails tools and processes acquired over years of training, studying and spiritual practice.


  • 8 Kooyan Close, Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast QLD 4223 0450 616 321 PHONE 0450 616 321


  • Counselling, Coaching / Mentoring, Workshops / Courses, Home Visits, Phone Consultations, Online Video Consultations 
  • Spiritual therapy supports you to move through stressful situations, to find answers from within, and to better understand who you are. The aim is to help you get clear on what you want, and transform the beliefs, stories and emotions that may be keeping you stuck. All this is done within the context of your personal spiritual framework. This means your deepest values are placed in the centre.

    Spiritual therapy engages with the aspects of the self which are beyond the stories, the words and the mind – facilitating a profound connection with your heart and soul.

    Areas of Special Interest

  • Addiction, Anger Related Issues, Anxiety / Panic Attacks, Assertiveness, Behavioural Issues, Burnout, Carer Support, Chronic Fatigue, Creativity, Decision Making, Depression, Disability, Dreams, Emotional Overwhelm, Existential Issues, Grief / Bereavement, Guilt Feelings, Hoarding, Intimacy Issues, Life Transitions, Mediation, Phobias, Psychosomatic, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Self Development, Sex Related Issues, Sexual Abuse, Spirituality / Religion, Stress Management, Trauma Recovery, Women's Issues  
  • MODALITIES / Approach

    Attachment Theory, Compassion-Focused Therapy, Dream Work, Emotional Release, Experiential, Inner Child, Journal Therapy, Jungian, Kinesiology, Meditation, Mindfulness, NLP, Person Centred, Transpersonal, Trauma-Informed

    The most common approaches I take in Counselling are Psychosomatic Therapy, Mindfulness and Trauma Release Techniques through meditation. Other holistic modalities – such as Subconscious Reprogramming Techniques, Kinesiology and Energy work – may also be incorporated.

    Some of the benefits of Spiritual Therapy include the healing of painful emotions and an increase in self-awareness, compassion, and confidence.


    • Diploma in Counselling - IKON Institute
    • Diploma in Transpersonal Therapy - IKON Institute
    • Certificate in Specialised Kinesiology - Mind Body College
    • Reiki Teacher and Master Certificate
    • Certificate in Ancestral Healing - Nature Care College

    Professional Associations

    • Australian Counselling Association
    • International Institute for Complementary Therapists


    I began my Spiritual Journey six years ago and underwent different processes on many levels to release conditionings and programming that kept me suppressed and depressed. I engaged in various healing practices such as inner-child therapy, psychosomatic therapy, counselling, meditation, dance and energy work. As I healed and became more empowered and was able to let go of limiting beliefs and behaviours I developed a passion for assisting others to do the same.



    Transport and Parking

    Plenty of parking outside.


    In Person/Online
    Initial 90 minute Session: $75 (Currently 25% Off)
    Follow up Session 90 minutes: $100
    Follow up Session 60 minutes: $80

    Concession/Pensioner Discount
    $10 off all follow up sessions.

    Payment Options


    BSB: 732062
    ACCOUNT: 699076

    Credit Card Payment via Phone
    0450 616 321



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    10 Questions with Susan Vu

    • What led you to choose psychotherapy or counselling as a profession?

    • As a therapist in Thai Massage and Bodywork, I noticed that some of my clients' pain was connected to their emotions. This led me to undertake studies relating to the connection between mind and body from which I came to understand that the root cause of many physical illnesses was emotional and spiritual. I felt it was a matter of integrity to support clients' long term solutions to their pain by addressing the root cause so I moved on to offering Energy Healing sessions and facilitating women’s circles in my family home.

      My calling continued to grow stronger when it came to supporting others to live their most authentic life aligned with their core values. Eventually this led to me dropping out of University to study Counselling, and moving into an environment that nourishes my body and soul.

      Before becoming a Spiritual Therapist I had to go through years of healing and therapy which now allows me to intuitively and empathetically connect to my clients and deliver results on a mind, body and soul level.
    • What method/s do you use?

    • The main difference between a conventional counselling session and spiritual therapy is that we do not focus solely on talk therapy.

      Other holistic healing modalities are incorporated which include: Meditation, Psychosomatic therapy, Subconscious Reprogramming Techniques, Energy work, Kinesiology.

      You will witness your inner healer and start learning how to become your own healing practitioner.
    • When do you think the client will start to feel that progress is being made?

    • Usually after 3 sessions my clients notice changes in their mood, mindset and lifestyle.
      After every session I offer my clients home tasks to continue doing at home to integrate the session and help them embody the version of themselves they want to be.
    • How has therapy made you a better person?

    • Therapy has helped me become a better person by teaching me the importance of receiving support and encouragement when times get hard. I not only had the opportunity to reflect on my behaviours and understand myself better but I always walk away feeling supported, held and lighter. We are not meant to walk alone. Therapy has allowed me to show up in other areas of my life with more centredness, calm and stability.
    • What do you like most about being a therapist?

    • I love showing people the power of their soul and connecting them to their spirituality for deep fulfilment, wholesomeness and peace. I feel so honoured and blessed to be of service in this way. I love sharing my heart and soul with others and seeing them shine and flourish in life.
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    Ms Susan Vu

    Susan Vu

    Holistic Counsellor, Transpersonal Therapist

    Hello. Thanks for visiting my page. I am a Transpersonal Therapist and I'm here to support you on your journey of Self-Actualization and Spiritual Development. I do this by combining my Psychological, Somatic and Counselling skills with Spiritual processes. One of my gifts is reconnecting people to their most authentic self. Together we explore and transform the beliefs and stories that no longer serve you. When the soul is healed, the mind, body and heart will follow....

    • Currumbin Valley
    • Attachment Theory, Compassion-Focused Therapy, Dream Work, Emotional Release, Experiential, Inner Child, Journal Therapy, Jungian, Kinesiology, Meditation, Mindfulness, NLP, Person Centred, Transpersonal, Trauma-Informed