New Techniques for Anxiety and Trauma

An Introduction to Energy Psychology with Steve Wells, on 30 August 2013 - Newcastle NSW
This workshop provides an overview of the background, theory and practice of Energy Psychology.

VENUE:         Museum Theatre, Newcastle

COST:           $242


Energy Psychology (EP) is a series of mind-body techniques which draw on western and eastern healing systems to resolve emotional pain. This process of gently tapping on various acupressure points (which clients can self-apply) combined with focusing on emotional problems, is both simple and effective.

Outcomes of EP treatment include relaxation, rapid desensitisation of toxic emotion and weakening of associated negative beliefs. A growing body of research shows EP can be helpful for a range of conditions including phobias, depression, PTSD, and anxiety from sitting exams or public speaking.

You will be introduced to two well-known EP approaches: Emotional Freedom Techniques, developed by Gary Craig and Simple Energy Techniques, developed further by Dr. David Lake and Steve Wells.

You will learn about the evidence base for EP and witness live demonstrations of SET/EFT treatment of anxiety and trauma.

You will also be given opportunities to practice the techniques, and have your questions answered by one of the field's foremost pioneers.

Steve Wells is a Perth-based psychologist of 25 years experience, who conducts professional and personal development programs worldwide, provides corporate coaching to business leaders, and presents at Curtin University's Business School.  He previously served 10 years in the WA Education Department, including 5 years as psychologist in charge at SPER (Socio-psycho-educational resource) working with emotionally disturbed youth. He holds a master's degree in psychology from Curtin University and post-graduate training in Education.

Steve has been using and researching EP methods for 15 years. He received the 2000 research award from the field’s peak body, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) for his original research on EFT, and continues to research new developments through Curtin University. With colleague Dr. David Lake, Steve has developed the unique EP approach Simple Energy Techniques (SET). He is co-author of 4 books, including New Energy Therapies and Enjoy Emotional Freedom.

Steve's workshops are always dynamic, engaging, and filled with practical strategies you can use immediately to get better results - with less stress!


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