Experiential Aspects of Dissociation

A Controversial Diagnosis: This seminar will be of particular interest to people wishing to understand how individuals diagnosed with dissociative disorders are affected and how they cope with everyday life.

WHEN:         Friday 9 August 2013

VENUE:         Newcastle, Museum Theatre (NSW)

COST:           $242


Presenters Barbara Stacy and Glynis Szafraniec, will draw on their experience of living with dissociation, post graduate research and the facilitation of dissociation support groups, in their discussion of the impacts of dissociation on neural development, memory and recall, continuity of self and daily functioning. 

They will also look at the developmental impact of complex trauma, experiential indicators and diagnosis of the dissociative disorders, and coping strategies that work.

Ideas for encouraging resilience and enabling the dissociative client to reclaim their personal history and sense of self are included.

About the presenters

Barbara Stacy, M.Mgt., M.App.Sci., and Glynis Szafraniec, M.App.Sci, have extensive management experience in the community and mental health sectors. They founded the Dissociative Identity Support Group Merging All Parts (MAP) Inc in the early 90s and documented their mental health research outcomes through postgraduate studies.

They have presented on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) at national and international conferences, and currently facilitate self-help support groups for people who experience dissociative disorders in the Hunter and Nepean areas.

For more information and to register for this event visit Zhuchi


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