A Heros Journey Weekend at the Blue Mountains

In this 2-day Rite of Passage, we invite you to immerse yourself in the forests and canyons of the Blue Mountains. Wash the hustle and bustle out of your head and open your heart and senses to the beautiful, wild, and peaceful elements of nature so you can relax deeply into innate oneness with it.

Commencing: 5.00 pm 28th March, 2014  ~  Finishing: 7.00 pm 30th March, 2014

A Hero’s Journey Immersion experience is an invitation for women and men to:

- Renew a sense of purpose and direction in life
- Clarify intentions (What do you really, really want?)
- Reconnect to a deeper sense of place in our "more than human world "
- Rest in your 'true nature' using wild nature as a mirror
- Embodying your wild and heroic heart
- Learn and practice the meditative skills of mindful awareness
- Feel a deeper connection to the four elements
- Turn your Survival Dance (What we do to "make a living") into a Soul Dance (something which inspires a deeper sense of meaning and significance in your life.)

Participants will learn the secrets of sacred ritual, mindfulness and intuitive listening that will allow you to open to Nature’s blessings:

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from the experience of oneness
UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE from letting everything be as it is
WISDOM gained from reading her symbols, metaphors and omens
DEEP PEACE realised in silent stillness
BLISSFUL JOY realised in beauty
STRENGTH AND RESILIENCE realised through challenges and adventure
FREEDOM realised in wildness
RESPECT gained from feedback on our choices


This journey is limited to 12 PARTICIPANTS

Early bird $295 before 15/3 /14 or $350 if spots still available.



Your Soulcraft guides for this journey of ritual, meditation, and communion in nature are:

Eric Lyleson has been psychologist, meditation teacher and workshop facilitator for over thirty years. He is author of the eco-psychology and photographic journal ‘Reflections from Down Under, Getting Lost and Finding Yourself in Nature’ and the soon to be published ‘Essential Wholeness’, an integration of modern psychological approaches and timeless spiritual wisdom.

Yeshi (Paul) Eperjesi is a master of ritual, ceremony and Rites of Passage. He uses an integral approach, drawing on thirty years in Outdoor Education, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Meditation and Dance Theatre. An early pioneer of corporate outdoor education and youth programs like Pathways to Manhood, he has over a decade of experience in corporate leadership.

Lewin de la Motte is a Wholistic counselor and Gestalt Therapist trainee and brings a great deal of experience of healing ceremonies, shanic journeys, vision quests and spiritual retreats from an ecology of sacred traditions.



What is the song that nature wants to sing through us?

What is it I really really want? What does my life aspire to? What are my deepest dreams and wishes?

What is more important than realising that in you which is timeless?.... While still supporting that which is eternally evolving throughout a lifetime?

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Eric Lyleson

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